Sunday Night Wind Down: I got some of it done.

I've given myself permission to make the Sunday Night Wind Down a mindless entry.  After church I had a list of chores and projects to tackle and I'm just glad some of them were accomplished.  Yard is trimmed.  Lunches are packed.  Food is prepped for the week (I'll get into my maniacal diet/exercise obsession at some point soon).  Kids are in bed.  Dishes are clean.  Best Man duties for Ernest's wedding are coming along (I'm on fancy sneaker duty, twist my arm I ordered up the J's and they're crisp).

Side of the house is not fully scraped.  Office is still cluttered.  Ugly living room wallpaper is still ugly.

This week is a serious juggle.  I'm looking forward to writing something meaningful once the wheels are ready to start turning again tomorrow.  Peace and love.



It's boring and bland but it'll work.



This wallpaper still mocking me.



Ernest and I are gonna look fly.