Posting opinions is easy.  Backing them up, not so much.

People Aren't Props is a challenge to reach for pure intention.  It's about the cultivation of deliberate relationships and then taking it a step further.  We’re people, not a checklist.  We can all readily promote justice, protest ignorance, and surround ourselves with diversity in the spirit of acceptance.  Any one of us can readily paint that picture.  I'm just now unveiling my own tendency to place people around me like stage props. But life isn't a stage and I don't want my relationships to hover on the surface, I want them to grow.  That's how genuine change is made: one person at a time.

My debut book, Props, unfolds my unlikely head first dive into urban waters, my battle with timidity, my unlikely blended career of rap, ministry, and social work, and my missteps and victories along the way.  It's almost done. I posted the prologue in the book section if you want to give it a look.

On this blog I'll be getting into my love for community and my enthusiasm for one small city.  I'll reflect on racial reconciliation, marginalization, socioeconomic disproportionality, and agents of change. I also promise to digress to hip-hop, pop art, basketball, and things that are dope.

I hope you'll join the conversation.  Let's build up.